What Mediumship Is To Me


By Susanna Massari

© 2014, MediumUnplugged

I’ve often mused during my life, whether directly or in the unspoken places within, why my life has been lubricated and bathed with such intense emotion and sensitivity. I discovered the meaning and purpose of such an emotional life when I began acknowledging and allowing my mediumship abilities to develop many years ago. My experiences began around the age of nine, and over the years my abilities have expanded exponentially.

My emotions are the vehicle that allow the connections to other worlds, whether it is within my own inner dimensions, other realities, or with others in spirit. This is the fabric of my being. I am soothed, comforted, supported, and loved by my ability which is not separate from me such as a possession, but rather, understanding that it does have its own consciousness and its own desires as well as being an integral aspect of my soul.

It is quite normal for people developing their abilities to question and doubt their experiences along the way. Sometimes it can be very confusing and unclear to accurately understand and interpret what someone in spirit is trying to convey. They don’t have a physical body so they cannot speak as we do. It all is conveyed through, and with, telepathy and can be layered with meaning. There does come a time, though, when all will fit into place.

The meaning of being a medium, for me, transcends the current definition of a medium, which is the ability to connect and communicate with spirit using some or all of the psychic senses. If it were not for my deep emotions, I doubt I would be able to communicate with spirit in the manner and way that I do.

My emotions blend with the emotions of whomever is coming through, sometimes on a very intense level. The emotions of the person receiving the reading also play an important part to the energy of the reading. If a client tries to control the reading, is closed off emotionally, or still in the stages of grief for example, they can inadvertently block information.

The biggest factor that I’ve had to come to an understanding about, is that everything is energy and that is exactly what I am working with; my energy, the client’s energy, the energy of the person or animal in spirit, or the energy of other types of personalities. It sounds so simple, but it explains why some readings are clear and strong and why other readings are weak with information dribbling in.

On my website, I have written, “My artistry is to paint ways for you to understand and embrace your life in a more complete way.” One of my themes in life is the importance of emotional connections, bonds, and relationships people have with one another. The importance of human connections and emotionality directly translates to the theme of my readings.

For me, spirit tends to hone in on, and often digs into, the emotionality of the client. I may be given, when appropriate, past life information that pertains to circumstances and emotions that the client is experiencing in this life. This is the vein of all my readings, and my readings reflect my particular individuality and uniqueness. It is pointless for a medium to compare herself or himself to the work of another medium, because we all work in our own way as individuals.

It is unrealistic to assume that all mediums work alike. If one has the expectation that a medium is ‘on’ and ‘open’ all of the time, and the information they give should be near perfect and meeting the expectations one has of the medium, he or she will predictably be very disappointed. For the medium, interpretation is key. Messages can be literal or symbolic, and again, messages can be very layered in their meaning or have a double meaning. A reading can be a process and journey with everyone involved working together.

When we pass from physical life we are not automatically enlightened. True, we have a much broader view and understanding of our entire being and life, and the life of people in the physical, but we still carry with us our personality, idiosyncrasies, and unresolved issues. If dad doesn’t wish you a happy birthday in the reading, there is a reason. Possibly, if dad chronically forgot your birthday in physical life, it just may be his way of communicating that in the reading. It’s like playing a game of charades or interpreting a dream.

If spirit shows me a wheelchair for example, and it is empty, I may interpret that as a relationship that was crippled, or they themselves were emotionally crippled. If someone is sitting in the wheelchair, I may interpret that as a literal meaning.

The journey of a medium changes and evolves and when a medium thinks he or she has their ability mastered, something will change. Mastery never happens because things are constantly changing and evolving.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw


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