Private Readings


Private readings are held on the phone with no time limit, and a free MP3 file of your session will be sent to you.

Private readings are pre-paid one week in advance.



Whether you record your private reading or we send you an MP3 file, it is for your own personal use. You may share it with your friends and family if you choose to do so. You may NOT copyright the material or trademark any part of it for any reason in perpetuity. We will also keep a copy in our archives. Your privacy is always respected. We will not share your reading with anyone, nor will it be listened to by anyone.

Readings should not be used as a substitute for legal, medical, or psychiatric advice.

By scheduling a private reading, you are agreeing to our policy.




Mediums are generally called psychic mediums because all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. A medium will be able to communicate with someone in spirit—including a coma patient, guides, saints, animals, and other non-physical personalities. I believe the ability to connect with spirit is part of our human nature. Some people are more developed that others and some people have no interest in opening their mind and heart to such experiences. Everyone is doing their best and everyone is exactly where they are meant to be at any particular time in their life – no matter how tragic events may be. 

Mediumship development can, and often does, take a lifetime to develop. Every time I think I have come to an understanding and knowledge of mediumship, something changes and I’m in the process of learning more about the complexity of communicating with spirit. It takes time, commitment, practice, and it is a never-ending process.

Every medium is different and he or she will communicate with spirit in their own way and will have their own way of receiving information and interpreting those messages. There is a certain je ne sais quoi that needs to be developed when presenting and delivering information because a medium enters into personal territory with a client, and often, those in spirit will communicate very personal information.

Do your research to find a medium that you resonate and feel comfortable with and don’t be afraid to ask questions of the medium before you schedule an appointment. The medium you choose should have a sense of responsibility and integrity. Be wise when posting on social media about your bereavement and other personal information.  


You do not need to do anything special to prepare for your reading except to ask for your loved ones to come through for you and give you information that you need to hear at this particular point in time.

When I prepare for a reading with someone I spend about fifteen minutes opening myself up to receive communication – I take notes from what spirit tells me that gives me a starting point with my client. The less I know about someone, the better. Please do not email or verbalize too much information about yourself or your situation. It is very important to remember that I, or any other medium, do not have any control over who comes through or what they have to say any more than you have control over who shows up at your front door or calls you on the phone. The client receives information they need to hear at the time and from whom. If the information is perceived as negative or painful, spirit is most likely bringing it up so you can face and deal with whatever issues you may have. I have never had anything “evil” come through—spirit is here to help you.

During the reading I may hear, see, smell, taste, and have physical sensations, and it is my job to relay what spirit is telling or showing me by interpreting the layered symbology of feelings and visions that are given to me. I connect emotionally with the person in spirit, and I see and experience them in my mind’s eye and with my emotions. Sometimes understanding and interpreting their messages can be confusing which makes the entire reading a process. Sometimes messages are strong and clear and sometimes they are weak and hard to understand. It depends on the energy of all involved.


It does occasionally happen. Trust that there is definitely a reason when spirit does not come through. I have learned to have complete trust in the judgment of spirit about these things and they know what they are doing. If it should happen, we will just reschedule for another time.


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